Published Date:29 Sep 2011
FAQ No:0086
Re-Indexing SFM
The Re-Index Application Data files option performs a Re-Index of those data files related only to the particular company which is in use.

These data files include the company and system data files. This process also clears the number of logins field in the Active User List. In the case of users on a network, it is important that all users are out of the system when this Re-Index is effected otherwise an error may occur.

To access this, one can go to the Administration Menu > Reindex:

You can choose what files, modules and which years to reindex. You can also choose to run a Validation right after the reindex is complete:

A problem may occur if users are using the system. An error example:

The best option to identify who is locking your files is to go to Administration and select Network Files Monitor, you need to know the administrator password of the server.

Category:System Administration