Published Date:12 Nov 2009
FAQ No:0064
Creating Leave entitlements for next year
How do I enable users to apply for leave in the next year ?

As the end of a payroll year draws close employees may need to apply for leave on dates within the next year.

1.Extending Maximum leave request date.

To enable this function the WebLeave administrator must first extend the maximum request date through the options as per the screen shots below.

Select the Administration > Settings > Leave Periods option

Click on the Edit button

Update the Maximum request date. Click on the Update button when ready.

2.Creating new leave type for the new year's leave

In the payroll select the Main Menu > Leave Module > Leave Type option and add a new leave type for the new year. In the example below we have created the leave type OPT10. Note the different posting dates related to the different leave types.

3.Allocating entitlements to the new year's leave

Allocate the entitlement to the new leave type to the required employees through the Main Menu > Leave Module > Leave Entitlement option in the payroll system.

Allow some time for the Merge Agent to upload the changes to the Web application.

4.Applying for new year's leave

N.B. For employees to see the new entitlement in their entitlements list when applying for leave they must first select the next year's date in the Webleave calendar before selecting the create leave request option

When the payroll end of year process is executed the outstanding balance of the previous year's entitlement OPT09 will automatically be brought forward to the new payroll year and the posting periods for this leave type will automatically be changed to those of the new year.

This means that in the new year the user will be able to apply for leave either from the outstanding balance of the previous year or else from the entitlement of the new year.
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