Published Date:15 Feb 2017
FAQ No:0134
Which report should be used to reconcile POS sales?
The Stock Statistics report should be used for reconciliation as it exports the sales data from all POS ID's linked to the particular location. Apart from showing the sales data from the POS machines, it is able to highlight the transactions performed on the 'Main System' (MS).

To generate and export this type of report from your Shireburn Inventory Management System (SIMS), browse to:

1. Reports > Sales > Stock Statistics

2. Filter the data by Location

a. Browse to the Locations Tab

b. Select the shop location to report for with the cursor,

c. and hit the spacebar.

Only the row (Location) which is highlighted by a light blue colour will be reported. In this case, DEMO SHOP - MOSTA.

3. Generate Stock Statistics report with the following options:

4. Select Export and choose the desired format


5. Expected output:

File TypeFile Name
application/pdf SIMSREPORTDEMODATA.pdf (53.66 KB)