Published Date:14 Sep 2015
FAQ No:0130
How do I apply Maternity Leave Trust Fund exemptions?
Shireburn Payroll System offers two MLTF exemption; a global (company) exemption and individual (employee) exemptions.

Global exemptions are to be applied to government entities since such entities are exempt from paying MLTF contributions. To disable MLTF contributions, go to Company Details, click on the Additional Details tab, click on the Edit button and check the Disable Maternity Leave Fund checkbox. When done click on Save. 

In certain cases, the employer might be exempt from paying Maternity Leave Trust Fund Contributions on behalf of certain individual employees. To disable MLTF contribution for any particular employee, go to Support Files > Employees, highlight the employee and click on Additional Details. In the pop-up menu, select Tax/SSC Details and check the Disable Maternity Lv Fund check box. Click on Save to commit changes.
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